Author: Michael 'RamZ' Chen

Esports betting licenses are important and most of Europe is legally required for an operator to offer its services to pay the customers. A license shows that an eSports bookmaker has fulfilled certain guidelines, verified and has guidelines for verifying and protecting its players. They must show that they can keep your information and secure payments and can help you if you have problems or questions.

What is an eSports betting license?

eSports betting policy is a type of approval of the country in which it is issued and confirms that the casino has fulfilled its specific requirements. The requirements will probably vary from country to country, but generally, this may contain things that the company’s owner has checked. The company shows that they are decent on the table, which shows that their systems are safe and effective. They also indicate that they have processes on space to protect customer data, verify customers and protect vulnerable people, anti-fraud and much more.

They must have a clear structure, processes, and methods that all must be displayed and maintained even after the license has been issued. Failure to comply with the rules will result in the refusal of application or revocation of a license.

Why does an eSports bookmaker need a license?

Essentially, eSports betting licenses are used to protect players and countries where the operator is based and offers their services. If anyone could open a casino without licensing, they cannot know if they can handle playing information, credit card details and large amounts of money. The license guarantees that the company and the responsible persons have been fully reviewed and considered credible with your money.

Do the players need to be involved in the eSports betting licenses and how they work?

Yes absolutely. When you sign up for an eSports bookmaker, you provide them with your personal information. These may vary, but almost always include name, date of birth, address and payment information. To play at an eSports bookmaker you have to deposit money – do you just want to give your full card number and security code on the back? Do you want to give your PayPal or Skrill username and password to a stranger on the street? Of course not, you must be sure that the person you send this information to will only use it for the purpose you intend and nothing else.

At least when you sign up for a new eSports bookmaker, make sure they have a betting license from a trusted country. All casinos should show this clearly on their website, or provide this when asked. If they do not, the alarm begins to ring. A non-licensed bookmaker violates the law and can misuse your information in various ways.

List of the most popular online casino licensing sites

  • The Malta Gaming Authority or “MGA” has awarded licenses to deserved casinos since the Lotteries and Other Games Act 2001.
  • The UK game commission created the Gamble Act 2005, to offer casino licenses to those offering their services in the UK.
  • The former island group, Curacao, has given online gaming permits since 1996, while it is still under the Netherlands Antilles.
  • The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) was formed in October 2000 by the Gibraltar Regulatory Act.