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League of Legends

League of Legends (abbreviated LoL) is one of the best Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video games by Riot Games. The game centres on the freemium model supported by micro-transactions, heavily inspired by the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Mod, DOTA (Defense of the Ancients). In this game, the player acts as an unseen summoner that commands a champion has unique abilities to fight against a team which is either controlled by other players from around the world or AI-controlled champions. The goal of the game involves players to smash the nexus of the opposing team, a structure that lies in the middle of the base guarded by defensive structures.

League of Legend Betting

Lots of skilled enthusiasts of League of Legends are asking themselves how to earn money playing LoL. While many of them would surely like the answer of becoming the professional player and making hundreds of thousands dollar by battling against others in tournaments and leagues, the majority won’t be able to reach this dream. It is possible by using the knowledge about the game and the competitive scene to earn some extra by placing the real money bets on the professional teams that are competing it out. Compared to all the eSports games, League of Legends is one of the famous game to bet on. It isn’t considering that LoL has a tremendous player base and that it’s possible to reach a top notch betting experience. A huge amount of players have been searching for global demand and appeal the game has as a supported eSport.

League of Legends Odds

In this section, you will learn how to pet on League of Legends which is similar to Dota 2 or Smite video game tournaments. The familiar type of bet is on the match’s result, also called the Money Line. The odds on offer will reflect the perceived level of each side, focused on their recent win-loss records. If the team you have bet on will win, you bet wins.

Unlike CS: Go betting, League of Legends is played on one map, means you don’t need to worry about different maps. You can easily bet on teams to not drop a map or game in the tournament, which is the Bo3 (Best of Three) but can also be Bo5 (Best of 5), depending on the event. As well as betting on the match-up’s winning, several betting sites also provide you with handicap betting. You can bet on a side to win on a map or the favourite to potentially win without dropping map. Furthermore, you can also place your bet on the total amount of kills in a match.

League of Legends Live Betting

The concept of live betting is elementary, and almost everyone will know that live betting is the capability of placing wagers, while the match is being played. Usually, you’ll try to mix in-play betting with LoL live streaming. It creates a sense to follow the action before placing a bet with your hard-earned money, which is the main advantage of the live betting. Watching the live League of Legends esports Twitch stream lets you access the relevant information, which helps you in decision-making towards the current state of the game.

Many betting sites try to perform the same by adjusting their odds, but if you have enough knowledge about the game, then you are going to face any issue just catch key details that might go past your bookmaker. You can also use LoL Live betting to find better deals. Live betting makes the market like the first tower, first blood, etc. You can also tell which team in the tournament has the best chance of securing assigned objectives.

Bet Types in League of Legends eSports

Many of eSports betting site offers markets on massive LoL tournaments, many of them easy and straightforward to understand for all types of bettor and some more specific to the unique format of the game. There are different types of bets you can place on League of Legends, regarding available market offered by the highest rated eSports betting sites.

Match Winner

During the tournament, you are betting on the outcome of the current match, which team becomes successfully to destroy the Nexus of other team and wins.

First Tower or Inhibitor

In this type, you can place your bet on whether the team with the handicap advantage or disadvantage win one map in the series.

First Dragon or Baron

You can place your bet on the team who wills the first dragon or baron. Both dragon and baron are neutral, AI-controlled enemies which both teams can struggle to remove for different benefits and buffs.

Handicap Bets

Of course, with esports, there are always clear winners and losers in a match. This also means that some bookmakers in esports industry introduce Handicap for their members to bet on. There, the bookmaker offers some unique odds to the team that is likely to lose the game. Such bets can be quite interesting. For example, if you think that the favorite will win and the weaker side will lose by a narrow margin then you bet on the narrow victory and earned a substantial profit from your bet.

Over / Under Bets

Also popular are over/under bets where the bookmakers themselves set a limit and then you have to type as an esports analyst, for example, whether in a game more or less than X kills will be done.

System Bets at Esports Gaming

At some bookmakers, you can now make combination bets or system bets on different esports events or matches. By combining multiple matches, you can, of course, achieve much higher profits as a betting enthusiast if you make the right decision. On the other hand, there is a lot of risks, the stakes significantly higher. If you are wrong with even one prediction, you will completely lose the bet.

Only use this betting market if you have comprehensive knowledge of League of Legends. Do not invest your hard-earned cash if you are new to the world of betting.

Betting on First and Last Kills

Especially at MOBA Games such as League of Legends, people like to bet who will get the first or the last kill in a game. In League of Legends, the first kill is also referred to as First Blood. However, if, for example, the team fails in an attempt of a kill, and in return, the champion is killed by a tower, this does not count as First Blood.

Aside from first blood, the first Baron Kill is also a popular market in League of Legends. Baron is the strongest minion of the game and when killed it gives buffs to the champions. The bookmaker also offers the market where you bet on the team that will kill the first Baron of the game.

LoL Betting Strategy

Learning how to place the bet on League of Legends effectively involves several crucial difference from other eSports. Not only does the individual players’ performance matter, but so do the line-ups too. In this field, you will discover a massive amount of professional gamers to select from the certain line-ups may not work against other ones. The heroes that specific players would love to play, which champions are overpowered and whether teams are late or early-game teams can place a considerable impact your League of Legend Betting. In the tournament, all heroes are trying their best to improve their performance as the competition advance. They start slow, but their abilities grow throughout the competition, while in another hand other champions start very strong and fade as the game advances.

Anyway: keep track of the game, be up to date on the latest trends of the game, especially when it comes to the odds. Something extra that may help you is you start playing yourself because then you will learn the basics of the game. There are several pages that list the latest results, as well as apps that provide you with updates directly on your mobile. Those are recommendable.

The odds vary roughly due to the following factors, so keep these in mind when you betting. Different esports bookmaker has different odds, so compare carefully and bet accordingly, to maximize your chances of winning; Different teams are of course different – how does a particular team’s history look, what is the winning percentage of the side? By keeping track of the stats of the various teams, you can also make a more qualified assessment of the odds of a particular match, and above all: how has the team been performing lately? Stay up to date in this tip, to see if any player is replaced or if there are any changes on any kind and so on. That way, your chances will be a lot bigger and you will be a successful bettor on the League of Legends.

The first thing you need to do if you’ve never played League of Legends is to read one of our League of Legends betting tips: check out games on YouTube. Learn the game before and after. See if you can find any ways to play for free before you start betting your hard-earned cash on the game. Just like everything else – practice makes perfect.

The popularity of League of Legends on Twitch

Twitch was launched in 2011 and has evolved into the world’s leading social video platform for esports and video games in a few years. The platform has over 15 million visitors a day where everyone shares the same burning interest in gaming and esports. Viewers can interact with the players they follow, as well as each other, and the platform adds a whole new dimension to the game that previously wasn’t been possible. Basically, every major team has its own Twitch channel, and most major esports tournaments are also broadcasted on Twitch. The best thing about Twitch is that it’s completely free to check out, but there’s also a payout version where you do not have ads and a host of other benefits. If you are frequent in viewing, it may be very nice to get rid of all that’s done with advertising, and it’s free to try for seven days.

On Twitch League of Legends holds the top rank in the “Overall Ranking”.  The most popular region for League of Legends streams on Twitch is South Korea. The reason behind so much attraction towards the Asian region is because the best player in the worlds, Sang Hyeok Lee known as Faker hails from Korea.

Since 2011, the League of Legends World Championships has reached new heights in terms of audience. In 2017 the competitive circuit of League of Legends had record breaking views. The Mid Season Invitational 2018 gathered 365 million spectators and saw, for the first time, confront the 13 regions. The Rifts Rivals had teams from five different regions, due to which it was hard to calculate the numbers. The latter, however, has been much in the news with 200 million daily views. Unsurprisingly, the most-watched event was the 2017 World Cup with 1.2 billion hours viewed on the entire tournament. The audience peak was 80 million spectators. All live broadcasts of the 2014 Worlds had 288 million hits over the 15 days of competition.

This exceptional popularity of League of Legends is because the developers of the game listen to the fan base. The community is the topmost priority of Riot. Apart from looking after the game, Riot boosts League of Legends in viewership because of incredible management of its competitive circuit. The incredible audience attracting tactics of Riot might be the reason to why League of Legends will be included in the 2018 Asian games and is a contender for the 2024 Olympics.