Author: Michael 'RamZ' Chen

The bookmakers offer their customers a variety of payment options, from which everyone can choose his/her favorite. Of course, you can also use several payment methods with one provider. The choice is entirely up to the customer. The best bookmakers provide more than ten different payment options.

The classic bank transfer – deposit within a few days

The bank transfer is probably one of the most common payment methods offered by the online bookmakers. This payment method is not only secure but also easy. From your own bank account, you can transfer the desired amount directly to the account of the bookmaker. There is a small disadvantage, however. The money transfer takes a minimum period of three days.

The deposit with the credit card – the fast method

Many bookmakers do not allocate funds quickly enough by bank transfer. Therefore, we look for other payment methods, where they can dispose of the deposited money immediately. One of the classic deposit options is the credit card, Visa or MasterCard. The main advantage is that the deposit of the bookmaker is credited within a few seconds to the player’s account. Thus, the money is immediately available and you can directly jump into the betting business. But even with this deposit method, there is a small disadvantage. Often the betting portals charge a deposit fee of 1 – 2 percent, which will be charged to the deposited amount. In addition, at the same time, there might be an annual fee for the credit card itself.

The online payment options – Paypal, Skrill, and Co.

There are clear advantages in the online payment options. These eWallets prevailed several years ago and are currently offered by many bookmakers. Those who do not want to make a deposit by credit card and who’s bank transfer takes too long, can use various online payment options. These eWallets are offered across the globe in order to be able to complete online payment transactions safely and quickly. PayPal and Skrill are one of the most common ways to make an online deposit.


Skins are not used to make your in-game stats better but are mainly used to make changes in the appearance. There may be changes to what your character looks like, how your weapons look, or any other accessories used during the game. You can see those skins as a form of a currency which can be used to bet on the eSports. The skin prices range from some cents to several thousand dollars.

eSports players can make transactions using “skins” instead of money. Most of the times, skin must match the title being bet on. Whether a skin can be wagered depends on the rules and regulations of the online bookmaker. From the point of view of the gaming platform, skin betting is just another form of trading within a game, which basically works in all eSports betting games.


Cryptocurrency is the future of transaction. A lot of bookmakers have started to accept different cryptocurrencies, primarily Bitcoin as their payment method. All you need is a cryptowallet to transfer the amount you want to bet, to the bookmaker’s address. You can also receive your withdrawals via Cryptowallet.