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What is the purpose of the game?

In CS:GO, there are two teams: Counter-Terrorists (CT) and Terrorists. When starting the match, you must choose one of the two teams. The purpose of each team is different during the game.

Counter-Terrorists: You must eliminate all Terrorists from the opposing team and prevent them from planting the bomb. If they can deploy the bomb, their goal is to deactivate this bomb. You will have 45 seconds to do this (in competitive games).

Terrorists: You must eliminate all CTs from the opposing team or deploy the bomb and ensure it explodes. After deployed, the bomb will explode in 45 seconds. In all maps, there are always two areas to deploy the bomb, the Bombsites A, and B, or B1 and B2.

Live Betting for CSGO

Those who are looking for quick and exciting bets to put under a match should look for live CSGO betting. Live odds are a form of betting where you can play on several different events while a CSGO match is in progress. Since the match image is constantly changing, the odds are also affected, so it’s important to keep track of the live CS bets.

In the live betting, the market of CSGO is comprehensively covered by the bookmakers. Here you can bet on the pistol rounds which are the first round played in the game. No team has the money advantage so you can determine, as the game progress, that who will be victorious. You can even bet on whether the total kill count will be either even or odd. You can also bet on the weapon with the most kills in the game in the big tournaments.

Even if you cannot get real profits when you bid in real time, you must also be thoughtful. Do not try to cover losses with even higher efforts. If you play responsibly, your experience will be more enjoyable.

Skin Betting

A common game mode where you place your CS bets on the players and teams in various matches and tournaments. Skin betting is still considered the biggest skin gambling form of all of them, and this betting market is being provided by only some handful of eSports bookmakers. They provide CSGO betting tips and once you have learned them, it’s easy to get started and it works just like when you bet on any sports. The only difference is that you switch your skins into money.

Skin Jackpot

Jackpot with skins usually works when the players bet their skins in a single big pot, where a lone winner gets the whole pot of skins. If you want to increase your chances of winning the big pot, you can bet a little more expensive skin. Jackpot is appreciated just because it’s fast and entertaining with the chance to win precious skins. An advantage of playing slot machines instead is that the supply is much bigger!

Skin Coin Flip

With each coin flip, you have a chance to double your CS bets. The game form runs one against another and therefore you have 50% chance to take the pot. It’s a game mode with speed in and easy to understand.

Skin Roulette

Roulette is a classic and familiar casino game that can be found at most online casinos. When it comes to roulette with skins, it’s usually the focus of either red, black or green. The colors may vary from one bookmaker to the other.

There are multiple markets which are offered by the bookmakers when it comes to CSGO market. As the betting industry is still emerging, there is still plenty of potential of CSGO betting market to flourish.

There is penalty of bookmakers which offer live CSGO betting tips through which you can easily place your bets on the match.

Top CSGO players of all time

Nicolai “device” Reedtz

Device is a talented awper and IGL, who plays for the team Astralis. The Danish is ranked, fifth in the world ranking, and it’s not the first time that the player is featured as the best player in the world. The player in 2017 celebrated his fourth appearance in the top 20 of HLTV. Among his great achievements in the last year, he was clinical in the conquest of ELEAGUE Major and Intel Extreme Masters Katowice. Statistically, the incredibly talented awper has third best world average of opening kills 0.14 per round. device has already accumulated the approximate amount of $ 566,000 in event awards alone in his five-year career.

Havard “rain” Nygaard

Rain, ranked fourth is undoubtedly one of the best entry-fraggers in the world today. The 23-year-old Norwegian, who occupies the fourth position in the HLTV ranking, has been in the CS:GO competitive arena since 2013. He started his career playing for the party astronauts team, and throughout 2017 he has won titles for FaZe Clan. With his current team, he has managed to win StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3, ESL One: New York 2017 and ELEAGUE CS: GO Premier 2017. Last year the player had the highest average headshots per round in international championships: 0.44.

Fernando “fer” Alvarenga

The last year of Fernando “fer” Alvarenga, at SK Gaming, can be defined in one word: consistency. The Brazilian, who won third place in the HLTV ranking, is, notably, one of the most unpredictable players on the world stage. With a very aggressive style of play, he managed to surprise the best teams in the world, over and over again, precisely because it was so difficult to devise a strategy to contain him.

Fer has the highest impact rating on expressive tournament metrics: 1.44 per round, as well as leading opening, kills statistics: 0.14 per round. Alongside his teammates, he managed to win IEM XII, ECS Season 3, ESL One: Cologne 2017, EPICENTER 2017, BLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen 2017 and ESL Pro League Season 6.

Nikola “NiKo” Kovac

The 21-year-old Bosnian had the best year of his career in 2017. Presenting outstanding performances since 2016 for computer games, in 2017 NiKO was signed up by one of the best teams in the world, FaZe Clan. The player has won three titles and three runners-up in 2017. In his career, he has already won about $ 445,000 in prizes.

Marcelo “Coldzera” David

For the second consecutive year, Marcelo “Coldzera” David was elected the best player in the world of CS:GO. Uncontested, he leads the statistics in terms of impact in international competitions and playoffs.

The player, who arrived in the international scene two and a half years ago, gained popularity while playing for Luminosity Gaming. In his first year, he won MLG Columbus 2016 and ESL Pro League Season 3. Coldzera was eternalized in 2016 on the Mirage map by means of a graffiti at bombsite B, where he made a historic move: alone and with an AWP, eliminated four players. Two of them, in a single improbable shot, while jumping.