Author: Michael 'RamZ' Chen

Best Esports Betting Sites 2018

If the world of gaming has contributed to one trend in the last year or two, it is the rise of esports betting. As the esports betting has become popular, many websites have popped up and we have witnessed the emergence of eSports betting industry. The continuous growth of esports industry can be attributed to the big organizations and especially the bookmakers which have added esports as the part of their betting system. Let’s look at the comprehensive details of what these best esports betting sites have to offer that will help to fuel the love of the esports.


It is one of the biggest international betting sites; they provide the full list with the complete odds in all the great esports tournaments. The site is of high quality and works readily on any device; from here, one can place bets on all of the events they have to offer. They respect esports betting in the same manner as they would treat the horse or dog racing, or an important football match, etc. They also provide results of completed esports tournaments so one can track the ongoing and see if they won in the last round.


Pinnacle represents itself as being the site for people who know and have passion esports but are relatively new to betting. The two do not particularly go hand in hand together, so that’s why Pinnacle has volunteered to establish itself as one of the best esports betting sites. They permit betting on all the great tournaments all year round, including the likes of Dota 2, StarCraft II, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends. They have a dedicated page with comprehensive listings of present betting odds and is always kept up to date.


Bet365 is a meshwork of favourite sports resource and game news locations in the United Kingdom, but their leading business is esports betting. With over 19 million customers in across 200 countries, it is no surprise that it is one of the new and happening web-based best esports betting sites of the last decade.

Unlike most of their competition, they allow customers to make wagers while events are taking place, live-betting rather than closing the markets moments before the game starts.

William Hill

William Hill is amongst the UK’s most famous betting markets. In the last decade, they have expanded significantly onto the web and have stayed in contact with the industry to offer esports betting to keep pace with the establishing competition and new arrivals. Customers can use their existing accounts to make a bet on these events instead of going via the process of signing up for a website with a lower reputation. Currently, bet365 offers all the main payment types including Bitcoin.

EGB (Egaming Bets)

Another place, especially for esports betting, is EGB. One of the bonuses (at least from a beginner point of view) is that they have an opportunity to use the betting money. This cannot be exchanged for real money, and eliminates risk while allowing users to experience the thrill of a “win”. They use some of the most famous payment methods that you can spend real money like Skrill, Webmoney, Yandex, and Neteller. They also have the feature to buy gift cards.


Opening in April 2015, Unikrn was honored as the United States first esports betting site despite the question of legality. Since then, it has progressed by leaps and bounds and is now a popular and reliable provider of esports betting service worldwide. It also included its own esports team under the brand. It’s not just a game about money, but a community for people who is passionate about esports, giving an experience of quality for fans.

Nitrogen esports

One of the world’s largest bitcoin game sites, Nitrogen esports deals with cryptocurrency as a method of payment and as a commodity, with all the advantages and disadvantages of using Bitcoin. Through Nitrogen esports, you can bet on any sports, and they cover most global sports, and now they offer esports betting. Nitrogen has been around for several years now, so it has been possible to build on reputation with a nice and responsive website. is a very famous website if you consider esports gaming. Recently, the website added sports section to their website but that doesn’t change the fact that majority of the players are placing their bets on esports tournaments through platform. One of the best things about is that they provide a user-friendly experience and you can always sign-up using your social media or even Steam account.

Currently, offers all kind of deposit and withdrawal options like Skrill, Neteller, Bank account etc. They even have the facility to make and receive the payment through Bitcoin currency.

At the moment, the bookmaker doesn’t offer any native app for iOS or Android. However, they do provide a mobile version of the website which is quite interactive and feels like an actual app with no jitter.


This international website currently has eight language options, so they have gone for international attractiveness. Their philosophy is to make esports enjoyably and easy for their users if they are new or veterans to esports betting. They have a risk-free betting system where any hint of matched matches will result in a canceled bet and a refund for you. They are one of the few places to accept Bitcoin as a type of payment.


Although generally a well-known internationally active sports betting website, Betfair has recently branched into esports betting. Just like any other place, they cover big tournaments all year round and offer good odds. Betfair has been around since 1999 and 2006, changing how we bet with the betting exchange. They have added some extra competition to the betting system through which the customers can compete against each other. Today they are one of Europe’s largest places for esports betting.

What is a Good Online Esports Bookmakers

On the betting market, there is almost an unmanageable number of online bookmakers who compete for the attention of the players. Moreover, the number of bookmakers have grown exceptionally. It can be hard to keep track. According to which criteria should one compare the bookmakers? Is every bookmaker comparison equally meaningful for every player? Time to take a closer look at this topic.

Variety of Bookmakers

There are several reasons for the wide selection of online bookmakers in the market. First of all, online sports betting is very popular and many users try their luck here. On the other hand, these users have very different requirements. A site that excites one player might not even be worth a look for another. Therefore, it does not always help to read general betting provider comparisons on the net. Instead, as a user, you should collect experience on one page yourself in order to rate it.

Betting offer

How many games in the field of esports do this bookmaker have to offer? Which competitions and leagues are offered? These are the questions that should ask before choosing a respective bookmaker for the esports betting.

Betting Bonus

For an esports betting bonus, not only the amount of the bonus amount is decisive, but the payout is always tied to certain conditions. Therefore, it is crucial in the evaluation, how high the chances are that the customer can actually avail the bonus. Before you take advantage of a bonus, you should deal extensively with the valid bonus conditions. Not every player makes use of the bonus. If you only want to wager every now and then, you often do not manage the revenue requirements to be able to unlock the bonus. These wagering requirements are standard so a bonus cannot be claimed directly by the player to their own bank account. While those who do not play that often cannot fulfil these conditions. Bonus offers are therefore another point in which bookmakers differ in comparison.


The quotas decide how high the profits of a customer are in case of success. Therefore, the odds key in an esports bookmaker comparison also plays a significant role.

Odds for new games

For new games, the esports bookies are usually very cautious. It usually takes a long time for the providers to include games in their program. Only when there are already for a large number of tournaments, the esports bookmakers provide odds for those events.


Especially in the gambling sector, providers should focus on transparency in terms of security and provide their customers with the most important information. In our review, we have also considered valid licenses and agreements.

Payment Options

Payment methods offered are an aspect that is relevant for the assessment of a bookmaker. What options are available? Are there any fees for deposits and withdrawals? In addition to eWallets, conventional bank transfer and credit cards should also be available at best.

Usability of the website

If the website is confusing and the members can barely navigate, the popularity of the site fades quickly. Therefore, in our comparison, we have taken into account the structure and user-friendliness of the esports betting website.


This category is about the things that every site has to offer in any case. There can be no discussion here and you should immediately inform yourself that these properties are also present. Therefore, each bookmaker must have a valid license to offer online esports betting. Thus, the site can be used legally by the players. A site without a license should not be used under any circumstances!


In the best case, a bookmaker offers its customers sufficient contact options (For example: live chat, hotline, mail). However, not every bookmaker is available to its customers around the clock. If you have any questions, problems or ambiguity, betting fans should always have a competent contact person. An FAQs area also demonstrates customer-friendliness, as customers usually find answers to the most important questions through FAQs.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications have become indispensable in the age of smartphones and tablets. Whether it’s an app for popular operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, or a mobile web version, the best esports bookmakers should offer its customers the ability to make bets on the go.


Esports betting is slowly setting its roots in the society. Although esports is still recognized as a sport in a very few countries, this too will change in the foreseeable future. Thousands of people are already watching the most important games on the Internet or filling entire arenas at events. Now even the bookies have recognized the potential in electronic sports and substantial profits can be earned by betting on the esports. This is probably just the beginning of a rapid rise of esports.

The conclusion for the esports industry is clear. For enough variety and an interesting gameplay, these bets are always suitable. Especially the betting program is constantly being extended by most bookmakers today and is currently more popular than ever in most sports markets. Due to the ever-growing popularity, the esports betting will be significantly improved in the coming years. Therefore, many more computer games will be added. Who knows how the esports continues to develop. After all, there are players around the world who want to assert themselves in the field and finally want to play against people from all over the world. For esports enthusiasts, this is simply an ideal invitation to place the first bets and use them profitably. By and large, betting on the esports is always worth it. Any player who is already registered with a bookmaker should definitely test it once. After all, even the smallest of bets is enough to test what is really important in the esports betting. Only then can you finally get involved in a special game and get to know the sporting events.